• Nonprofit Concerns – Cryptocurrency Tech & The Planet
    The topic of cryptocurrency tech (NFTs, tokens, etc.) and the planet is one in the minds of many businesses and nonprofits. Below is a link to an article by my Web3 nonprofits education company (Web3 Cares) that goes deep into many sides of this conversation. Click below to read the full article: Nonprofit Concerns – … Read more
  • Crypto Beginner Kit
    Notes:  This will be updated on an ongoing basis. (Last Updated: Jan 5, 2021) Using the links below to sign up supports my work. Read the disclaimer below. Welcome to the Crypto (Cryptocurrency) Beginner Kit, an easy how-to that will get you into the world of cryptocurrencies, quickly. In many cases, the tactics covered here … Read more
  • Sales Coaching Software is Recording You. What You Need to Know.
    Think about a recent sales call you had. They were likely using some kind of sales coaching software.  And they’ve likely recorded you without your explicit knowledge using that sales coaching software. How does that make you feel? Maybe you’re not bothered by the idea of being recorded without your consent or knowledge. We’ve all … Read more
  • Business Networking is Alive – Now More than Ever
    Business networking is alive and well right now in February 2021, in fact it might be the best time ever to network, and networking should never stop. It doesn’t matter how employed you are, how high up you are or how old you are; you should always be networking. It also doesn’t matter that in-person … Read more
  • How Marketing will Change as Corona Hits Further
    Video originally posted on The Product Angle, aired on May 19, 2020 The Product angle is hosted by Pradip Khakhar (Product Manager and Founder of The Product Angle). Pradip works with individuals and product teams to develop soft skills such as influencing without authority, trust, and how to negotiate with cross-functional teams. Highlights: 02:05 – Who is Leo and … Read more
  • Lies Hurt You & Hold You Back: A Look at Lying in the Workplace
    Article originally posted on TrustWebTimes.com Most of us can agree that deception is harmful and destructive to relationships and professional aspirations; But what about “white lies? Are white lies really less damaging to our professional relationships? “White lies,” small lies you tell others to protect their feelings, to avoid trouble, or to make yourself look … Read more
  • Should Advertising be Outrageous? – Prove It Matters (Ft. Nick Palmisciano)
  • Prove It Matters – New Shows (Influencer Marketing, Newsletters, Teaching Social Media)
  • Episode 13: Jorge Lurueña López (EJR-Quartz for European Space Agency (ESA) Digital Marketing)
    EJR-Quartz for European Space Agency (ESA) digital marketing and content marketing professional, Jorge Lurueña López, dives deep into the inner workings of the space agency’s social media and digital engagement practices. Jorge joins Leo Morejon from his home in Rome, Italy and covers how the novel coronavirus has impacted him and his team, how he … Read more
  • Episode 12: Jason Falls (Author, Keynote Speaker, Marketer, Bourbon Enthusiast)
    Marketing leader and pioneer, Jason Falls, shares his story on being a keynote speaker, becoming an author, and tells how he managed both. All while working a full-time position in agencies as well as e-commerce. Jason is the author of No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing and the co-author … Read more
  • Is it a Good Idea to Date Another Social Media Professional?
    Article originally posted on Serial Marketers. We live in a world of dating apps, ghosting, and now, thanks to coronavirus, social distancing and something called “Zumping” which apparently happens when breaking up happens over Zoom. As if things weren’t hard enough, now I have to worry about getting dumped over Zoom? It would really suck to … Read more
  • Episode 11: Karen Freberg (Social Media Expert, Associate Professor, Speaker)
    Karen Freberg is an associate professor in strategic communications at the University of Louisville as well as an adjunct instructor for the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Graduate Online Program at West Virginia University. In this episode, Karen talks about how she’s connecting social media practitioners with educators to support students as they enter the workplace … Read more
  • Episode 10: Sharon Joseph (Founder, CEO of BREWASIS)
    Sharon Joseph is an entrepreneur and CEO looking to solve your business issues through data. In this episode, learn from Sharon the challenges, opportunities, and solutions women founders have in business – especially in the alcohol, craft brewery, and cannabis business. Sharon also shares with us how she went from the corporate world, working for … Read more
  • Utilizing Audio Feedback in the Classroom
    Connecting, inspiring, and building meaningful relationships with students is at the core of being a great educator, and audio provides all these benefits and much more. In this video, learn why audio is essential in the classroom when providing feedback, and how to get started, to become a better educator. Before You Watch: Why Listen … Read more
  • Tips on Being a Great Social Media Speaker – Or any Kind of Public Speaker
    Being a social media public speaker is one of my dreams come true. I am lucky to be flown around to speak on all sorts of marketing and technology topics. Really. Each and every time I get asked to speak, I feel honored and excited. I want everyone that wants to be a social media … Read more
  • The Fyre Festival Does Not Represent Influencer Marketing
    Needless to say, the Fyre Festival was a huge disaster. On the worst side of things, it cost innocent people significant sums of money and put them in dangerous situations. From a business perspective, this event brought a lot of attention to influencer marketing—even my mom now knows what influencer marketing is—but in a way … Read more
  • Episode 9: Brent Rodgers (Sales Leader, Actor, Storyteller, Closer)
    Brent Rodgers is an actor turn sales leader with over 15 years individual sales and sales leadership experience selling everything from services to SaaS MarTech. In episode 9 of the Build & Inspire Podcast, Brent draws parallels between acting and selling, talks about how improv skills will help salespeople and sales engineers perform better product … Read more
  • Episode 8: Dylan Hattem (Founder & CEO at DS Projects)
    Dylan Hattem is passionate about advertising and entrepreneurship. After leaving the ad-tech world, Dylan Hattem launched his own digital agency, DS Projects. Diving head first into the new world of advertising, content consumption and media, his team partners with clients to create and build powerful campaigns that focus on reaching audiences across channels through original … Read more
  • Episode 7: Nick Myers (AI Futurist, TEDx Speaker, Voice Marketing Expert)
    Voice marketing and artificial intelligence are not fads and we all need to pay attention.  Nick Myers is an artificial intelligence expert and Founder and Creative Director of RedFox Creative, a creative marketing and consulting agency. He shares his vision for the future and how it’s nothing to worry about.  Nick also shares how brands … Read more
  • Episode 6: Alfredo Cottin (Advertising Entrepreneur, Previously Head of Strategy for Havas Mexico)
    Alfredo Cottin, based in Mexico City, Mexico, is best known for leading Strategy for Havas Mexico and working on iconic brands like Nike, L’Oreal, Pizza Hut, and KFC. Today, he’s an advertising entrepreneur, as founder and Managing Partner Post at the agency Post Data. He shares his thoughts on advertising today, what inspired him to … Read more
  • Treat Data Like a Team Member in Order to Succeed
    The concept of treating data like a team member was developed to humanize data and our relationship with it. The methodology takes proven methods of existing within a team and leading teams and applies it to working with data. “I love the idea of mapping an interpersonal relationship schema to the business relationship with data. … Read more
  • Episode 5: Matt Walker (Adventurer, Coach, Public Speaker)
    This is a special episode. Matt Walker is a coach, adventurer, public speaker, and amazing human, and things get deep and personal. You will see how his unique business and approach to life certainly works as you see our conversation evolved; we basically have a coaching session. You will learn different strategies for personal development … Read more
  • Episode 4: Darren Wong (Raindrop Cake Creator, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist)
    Darren Wong is the creator of Raindrop Cake, an Asian vegan jelly dessert for foodies. Darren is also an entrepreneur and business strategist. Join us as we discuss what inspired him to start Raindrop Cake, how he began selling at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, and what’s next for his dessert creation. We also get deep, talking about … Read more
  • Episode 3: Karla Gregg, aka WhatWouldKarlaSay (Influencer, Self-Development Vlogger, Marketer)
    Join Karla, aka WhatWouldKarlaSay (influencer, self-development vlogger, marketer, incredible person), and me as we talk about how she got started as a Youtuber, how you too can feel empowered to put yourself out there, Chicago vs. NY style pizza, the YouTube comment section, social media marketing, and much more. Follow Her! YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/WhatWouldKarlaSay/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/whatwouldkarlasay/ Twitter: twitter.com/WWKarlaSay Karla’s … Read more
  • The Build & Inspire Podcast is Live! How it Got Started & Lessons Learned
    The Build & Inspire Podcast is an interview-style podcast where I connect with people from all walks of life, doing what they love, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. I feel the podcast has been in the making since I was born. I’m a talker first and foremost, always have been and … Read more
  • Episode 2: Jay Mandel (Mastercard, IBM, The Collective NYC)
    Join me as Jay Mandel (Mastercard, IBM, The Collective NYC) shares how he’s changing the way the world sees and works with ad agencies by launching The Collective NYC and how a business can be both purposeful and personal.  For more inspiration from Jay: Website:  https://www.the-collective.nyc/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/collective.nyc/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaymandel Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-collective-nyc/
  • Episode 1: David Berkowitz (360i, MRY, Sysomos, Serial Marketer)
    Join me as David Berkowitz (360i, MRY, Sysomos, Serial Marketer) shares the early days of social media, building 360i, and launching the Serial Marketer blog and community. For more inspiration from David: Website: https://serialmarketer.net/ Community: https://serialmarketers.net/ Newsletter: https://serialmarketer.net/subscribe/ Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/serial-marketer/ Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dberkowitz
  • The Marketing Conference that’s Launching a Community
    The Real Time Summit wasn’t just a marketing conference; it was an experience. An experience of collaboration, inspiration, people, and it’s kicking off a passionate and supportive community that will live on. Location: Chattanooga, TN A major reason for The Real Time Summit’s success was its location. Chattanooga is a fantastic place to have an event. … Read more
  • 5 Unconventional Sales Enablement Tools and How to Use Them
    This list of unconventional Sales Enablement tools covers tools that generally are not considered sales tools for one reason or another, and they can be used for anyone doing any type of sales. After all, everyone is a salesperson in one way or another, and I hope this article inspires everyone from solopreneurs to SaaS … Read more
  • 10 Account Manager Guidelines for SaaS Enterprise Sales
    I created the following list early in my career for use by a SaaS enterprise account management team that was young, unpracticed and ready to learn, because of this, deadlines would be missed, clients would be confused, teams would point fingers and much more; all leading broken relationships (internally and externally) and countless sales opportunities … Read more
  • Pitch Case Studies: The Overhead Projector
    The perfect sales presentation focuses on storytelling, and the perfect sales presentation is a combination of science, art, planning, and improvisation. You need to share your message, ensure it is understood, connect with your audience and be ready for almost anything. Just as important, you need to be memorable, inspirational, and motivational. That is especially … Read more
  • Create Scalable Services: The Service Model Canvas
    Friction is one of the most significant issues for any company – new, small, or big. Friction slows progress, and diminishes results across communication, collaboration, project management – everything! The Service Model Canvas supports startups, growth stage companies, and large companies alike, reducing friction when developing new, scalable services. You can also think of this as a way to productize services. The document is not meant to be client-facing; it is designed to help with onboarding, marketing, and much more. It serves as a blueprint; it keeps everyone on the same page and explains different aspects that may be important to various projects.
  • Leo Morejon; The Super Bowl Oreo Blackout Tweet, Stride Gum, and More
    It was fun and an honor to profiled by The Social Media Marketing Institute and sharing more about my work in social media. The article covers how I got started in social media, the Oreo Guinness World Record (Most Likes on a Facebook Post), the Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, and much more. Originally Posted to: … Read more
  • Should Founders Build Their Own Sales Deck?
    The passion that the best founders have for their businesses can be intoxicating, and inspire a talented team to get on board and make their vision a reality.   However, not all founders do a great job of explaining their company and/or products to those outside the business – especially when it comes to putting … Read more
  • First Time Working Internationally? 7 Things to Consider
    Congratulations – you’re working internationally! There’s excitement at every turn: new cultures to explore, new business practices, and so much more. While it’s an experience you’ll never forget, there are certainly a few things I wish I knew when I started my first position abroad. Of course everyone will tell you to be aware of … Read more
  • Close More Deals With this One Question
    This question is so crucial to you and your business that here it is, right up front, in case you do not read the rest of this article:   What don’t you like about my company/product/business?   If you are in a meeting trying to win business, raise capital or any other activity where you … Read more
  • Experts, This is the Best Way to Start Explaining Bitcoin or Any Cryptocurrency
    There are countless videos, articles, and courses out there focused on explaining what Bitcoin is and how it works. Some do a better job than others; many are so complex even a veteran in the space can be left confused.   A primary problem is they do not focus on why it matters as a … Read more
  • Why Your ICO Marketing Isn’t Helping Anyone
    The terms Blockchain and Bitcoin are still new concepts to many and a bit of a mystery to most, even for those in the space. The idea of an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering (see: What is An Initial Coin Offering? Raising Millions In Seconds), is a newer addition to the growing glossary of terms … Read more