Leo Morejon

Leo Morejon

Leo Morejon is an award-winning marketer (CLIO, Cannes Lions, as well as others), sales leader, speaker, content creator, and educator (West Virginia University and Iowa State University) well-known for his work as a pioneer in real-time social media (First Guinness World Record in Social Media, Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, Daily Twist, and so on) as well as sales leadership positions at well-established SaaS enterprise and technology companies. Leo attributes his success to always valuing people, relationships and focusing on being a trusted advisor above all else.

 Leo has always realized that if it wasn’t for the work and the support of others, he would not be where he is today. This is why Leo launched Build & Inspire to give back and support others as they work to make their dreams come true.

Leo loves people and building relationships and focuses on the human aspect of everything as he creates new content, and this is the Build & Inspire difference. In many ways, Build & Inspire is a manifestation of Leo’s life. For instance, the conversations you hear on the popular business podcast are ones Leo would be having regardless, now they’re just recorded and shared with you. 

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