Leo Morejon – Award-winning marketer, podcaster, educator known for the Oreo Super Bowl Tweet

Leo Morejon

Quick Street Cred:

? Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet: Cannes Lion, CLIO
??‍? Vice President at 200+ Employee SaaS Company (Sysomos, now Meltwater)
??‍? Educator, Social Media: ISU, WVU
? Guinness World Record: Most Facebook Likes Record
? Major Brand Work: Coca-Cola, Jell-O, Stride Gum, Unilever, Hot Wheels, Subway
? Social Media Keynote Speaker: 50+ Events, Domestically and International
? Show Host: ProveItMatters.com


Leo Morejon is a successful social media marketing and sales leader known for distinctions such as a Guinness World Record for Most Facebook Likes, pioneering real-time marketing while working on campaigns including the Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, and leading sales enablement at SaaS companies in leadership roles.

Leo is also known for hosting the popular business debate show, Prove It Matters (ProveItMatters.com), where he humorously debates notable business people on topics ranging from influencer marketing to social media strategies.

Leo’s portfolio of work includes brands, agencies and companies such as Mondelez (including Trident Gum & Cadbury), Estee Lauder Companies (including MAC & Clinique), Sysomos (now Meltwater), and Havas. He is also proud to be a dedicated educator with Iowa State University and West Virginia University. 

Leo loves people and building relationships and focuses on the human aspect of everything as he creates new content. In many ways, Build & Inspire is a manifestation of Leo’s life. 

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