Prove It Matters

There isn't enough healthy debate in business. Prove It Matters is a show that changes that. Guests pick a topic, get 2:00 minutes to debate and prove their points matters. All while Leo Morejon pokes, prods, and generally tries to mess them up.

Full Episodes:

Can you Outsource Sales?
Ft. Scott Zakheim (General Partner at Landmark Ventures)

Can You Teach Social Media in School?
Ft. Brianne Fleming (Marketing Professor,

Influencer Marketing Sucks!?
Ft. Jason Falls (Author, Digital Lead at Cornett)

Is Bitcoin legit??
Ft. Alex Adelman (CEO of

Should Advertising be Outrageous?
Ft. Nick Palmisciano Nick Palmisciano (CEO of, President of

Should Government Twitter Accounts be Funny?
Ft. Pearl Gabel (Digital Director, State of NJ)

Newsletters Suck?!
Ft. David Berkowitz (Serial Marketers, Marketing Leader)

(Pilot Episode) Owning Your Own Social Media?!
Ft. Jay Mandel (Mastercard Social Media)

About Host Leo Morejon

Leo Morejon is a successful marketing leader known for distinctions such as a Guinness World Record for Most Facebook Likes (first ever), pioneering real-time marketing while working on campaigns including the Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, and managing large international teams.

Leo is also known for hosting the popular business podcast, Build & Inspire. The Build & Inspire Podcast brings you incredible people building amazing companies so you can be inspired to build what you're passionate about.

Leo’s portfolio of work includes brands, agencies and companies such as Mondelez (including Trident Gum & Cadbury), Estee Lauder Companies (including MAC & Clinique), Sysomos (now Meltwater), and Havas. He is also proud to be a dedicated educator with Iowa State University and West Virginia University.

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