Episode 9: Brent Rodgers (Sales Leader, Actor, Storyteller, Closer)

Brent Rodgers is an actor turn sales leader with over 15 years individual sales and sales leadership experience selling everything from services to SaaS MarTech.

In episode 9 of the Build & Inspire Podcast, Brent draws parallels between acting and selling, talks about how improv skills will help salespeople and sales engineers perform better product demo, and his thoughts on some of the most debated and controversial topics in sales.

Brent also talks about what you need to land your first sales job and make sure you keep it.

So whether you’re a seasoned sales person or a new salesperson, there is something to learn from Brent’s stories and unique perspectives.

Connect with Brent:

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Leo Morejon
Leo Morejon is an award-winning marketer (CLIO, Cannes Lions, as well as others), social media motivational speaker, content creator, and educator (West Virginia University and Iowa State University) well-known for his work as a pioneer in real-time social media (First Guinness World Record in Social Media, Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, Daily Twist, and so on) as well as sales leadership positions at well-established SaaS enterprise and technology companies. Leo attributes his success to always valuing people, relationships and focusing on being a trusted advisor above all else.


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