Is it a Good Idea to Date Another Social Media Professional?

Is it a Good Idea to Date Another Social Media Professional? By Leo Morejon

Article originally posted on Serial Marketers.

We live in a world of dating apps, ghosting, and now, thanks to coronavirus, social distancing and something called “Zumping” which apparently happens when breaking up happens over Zoom. As if things weren’t hard enough, now I have to worry about getting dumped over Zoom? It would really suck to get “Zumped” if you live with the person and they’re just in the other room.

Fear of getting Zumped aside, working in social media can also take its toll —  long hours, bad briefs, trying to figure out what TikTok is exactly and how to use it — it can all be really difficult on you and those around you, particularly your significant other.

So if you’re a social media professional, is it a good idea to date another?

Dating someone with the same profession, generally:

There doesn’t seem to be many studies done on this topic; one study from 2012 mentions that “work-linked couples” (couples who share their profession) are not able to properly maintain a work-life balance. 

The study claims that when a couple shares the same career, their work is likely to spill over into their home life, causing additional stress on the relationship. For social media professionals, this might mean conversations about where to go for dinner followed by a debate over the best time to post or the best content scheduling software over some spaghetti and meatballs. You may want to heavy up on the cheese, but hold the conversation about KPIs back.

Forget hard research though, what does Twitter have to say:

In a Tweet I shared on Mar 4, 2020, I asked: Social Media Peeps: What do you think about dating people in the industry?
It could be a good self-promotion tool.

Crossovers are great for increasing your following” – Wes Finley (@wesblog)

Unless there is too much competition.

I can see it now…constantly fighting about platform best practices and KPIs. Everything becomes a contest. Cliches like “those shoes look great on you, honey,” become “that filter looks great, sweetie.” – Matt Korn (@MKorn19)

That is one concern that many people have when it comes to working in the same profession, as that there may be competition among couples. Can you see it now . . . debating about who’s going to post that great photo first, whose engagement rate is better?

It may also just leave things unbalanced.

I have a motto to “only date STEM” Which means as a creative, I prefer someone to balance me out. But also, not dating someone in the industry means I get to teach them all about it. I suppose dating someone in your field could also be a power couple move.” – Haley Moore (@haleywritemoore)

Or, it could be amazing, leading to increased support and idea-sharing

1. Could be beneficial since they can relate to the time commitment, struggles, responsibilities of the job. 2. They understand what you are going through and can bounce around ideas for solutions.” – Karen Freberg (@kfreberg)

One 2016 study found this might be true, generally concluding that couples who worked in the same profession had the ability to be more supportive toward each other better, leading to increased family satisfaction.

In contrast, dating someone outside the profession could lead to more exciting and varied conversations:

My husband isn’t in the industry, and I really enjoy hearing about and talking about things outside of the “social media peeps-sphere.” I know he gets tired listening to me and my SM Peeps friends when we get together!” – Jeannette Arrowood (@nettaP)

At the end of the day, is it about love or your follower count? (Sorry, I mean “engagement rate;” If my partner worked in social media, she’d be telling me, “followers don’t matter!)

Worse still…what happens if you break up and now and have to worry about the other person knowing and telling everyone that you bought followers . . .  that one time. You know, you’ll be thinking, “It only happened that one time, it never happens, I swear . . . will they tell others?”

It is ultimately up to you whether you want to balance the pros and cons when it comes to dating someone also in social media.

What have been your experiences? What do you think?

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