Leo Morejon; The Super Bowl Oreo Blackout Tweet, Stride Gum, and More

Oreo Blackout Tweet - Leo Morejon

It was fun and an honor to profiled by The Social Media Marketing Institute and sharing more about my work in social media.

The article covers how I got started in social media, the Oreo Guinness World Record (Most Likes on a Facebook Post), the Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, and much more.

Originally Posted to: Social Media Experts – Leo Morejon

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Mireille! I’m passionate about people – meeting new ones, building relationships, and sharing great experiences together. I also love technology and feel lucky to be living in a time where tech is helping people connect and grow like never before.

How did you get started with Social Media?  

By accident, really. I started making websites, and one day a friend asked me to do some marketing for his local music cafe. I began promoting the cafe and events on MySpace (it was the biggest platform at the time), and things took off. That’s how I first realized the power of social media to make an impact on business, and that it was going to affect other industries more and more. So I pursued an internship in NYC at a small digital advertising agency and then began working for JWT’s Emerging Media department, for clients such as Stride Gum and Unilever. After JWT, I went on to work at 360i, where I worked on Oreo, Simply Orange and many other international brands.

What do you love most about social media?

It’s human. Social media is a representation of what we’ve always done as humans – connect and share ideas. Now that’s all just happening online. 

What is your favourite platform?

Personally, it’s still Facebook. I don’t live near my family and I travel a lot, so I love that almost all my family is on Facebook, and I get to stay in touch with them there.

Tell us about your social media world record?

This was one of the most exciting and unforgettable times in my life… I could talk about it for days. But in short, we decided that Oreo should go for a Guinness World Record in social media. This would be the first ever social media Guinness World Record record for a brand. We prepped, planned, and the fateful day came. 

We published the post asking everyone to join Oreo in reaching “Most ‘likes’ on a Facebook post in 24 hours:” 

First Guinness World Record on Social Media - Facebook Post - Leo Morejon

Soon after, Lil Wayne decided to go for the record, too. This was 100% unplanned. We ended up with the record, but lost it to Lil Wayne shortly after that. (I have a copy hanging on my wall.) 

I get asked a lot if I am upset about Lil Wayne’s involvement, but honestly it wouldn’t have been as big or cool without him!

You were involved in the famous Oreo blackout tweet. Tell us about it and what it achieved?

Another favorite memory! The tweet was the culmination of countless amazing people working countless hours to build the brand – both present in the room and not. It also helped that everyone in the room knew and loved the brand so much. After working on Oreo, almost daily for three years, I still know the brand ridiculously well. For instance, if someone says or types “Oreos,” a little alert still goes off in my head that it should be “Oreo cookies.” Of course I never say anything. Overall, it really helped solidify social media as an essential business tool, and the importance of investing in social media programs. 

How do you suggest social media marketers get heard above the noise?

Paid media?! OK, besides that…make sure your content is adding value to the consumer. Value can be added in many different ways: making people smile, helping them do their job better, and so on. If you add value, you provide a reason for people to stay with you for the long term, and not just for one post.

What is some advice you would give to someone getting started in social media?

You have to be willing to put in your time. At my internship and first job, I spent tons of hours manually moderating pages, pulling numbers for reports, and doing other laborious tasks. It wasn’t glamorous, but it was necessary work and work that gave me a foundation and appreciation for how everything works.

What are some of your predictions in social media for 2018?

For consumers, interactions are going to get more personal. All the top companies are focusing heavily on their instant messaging features, and this allows us to have better, more in-depth connections with brands and our friends and family. For social media marketers, keep an eye out for automation and AI-powered tools. They’re only getting more advanced, and they will support your work, reach, and give you back some time back during the day. 

Where can people follow you on social media?

I love connecting with people on Twitter (@MoreLeo) or via my blog (https://www.LeonardoM.com/blog)! Always happy to support people in any way I can.